How to create your first filming as a fashion brand ambassador?

Congratulations! You might be a fashion brand ambassador who just receive some latest free outfits from your favorite brand. Your brand is asking you a favor to create some funny short video or stunning photo to share in social media. Having no idea how to get this first photo or video shoots done? No worries, today we are going to walk you through step-by-step with our back-to-school outfits filming experience.

1.Document your storyboard

Your first step should always be documenting your filming plan. We highly recommend you put all details down in a spreadsheet so that you don’t show up in the shooting place without any clue. There should be a minimum of two team members (model and photographer) and your team should communicate regarding their job responsibility and details to pay attention to. Why not hop into a bar and talk it out? Below is a storyboard template that might help you brainstorm and finalize your plan:

storyboard template


Now that you have your storyboard ready, you should have a checklist for what to bring over on the filming day. If you have a sizeable team and lots of gadgets, bring a suitcase with you. Otherwise, a backpack should serve the purpose. Below is the checklist for CozyDelivers back-to-school outfits filming.

Promotion Products Filming Equipment Accessories
Back-to-School Outfits:
Spray Dye Tee(White)
- Spray Dye Tee (Khaki)
- Tie Dye Tee (White)
CozyDeliver Sports Towel
Smartphone Stabilizer

photoshoot checklist

3.Location Scouting:

Video and photo shoots can take place indoor, in the nature, or in professional filming spot.

- Indoor (aka your home)

A lot of scenes can be filmed at home. For example, the famous wipe-it-down tiktok challenge video is filmed in front of a mirror. 

- In the nature

Workout photo integrates perfectly with the background of the nature. It can be a yoga enthusiastic posing in the beach, runners sweating on the road, gym rats jumping the rope in the woods.

man rope jumping

Sports & Outdoors Running Shorts

- Professional Filming Spot

There are tons of professional filming spots for fashion brands. Do your research online in advance in your city. Some are free to walk in as a visitors or do a commercial shoots, some requires you to at least buy a drink or minimum spending requirement, and some will charge you on an hourly basis if you are doing commercial filming.

Professional Filming Spots

 4.Pick the perfect time for lighting

If you don’t have the luxury of having a gaffer in your team or the professional lighting kit, you should go for the time when it has strong and natural light.Typically 4-6 pm is an ideal time when the sunlight is not too strong. You should know how long it takes for the whole shooting and calculate backwards when you should arrive at your shooting spots. Sunset is my favorite time to capture some amazing photo shoots, although it only lasts for a brief time. For example, if you think your outdoor filming take around three hours and sunset time around 7pm, you should plan to arrive no later than 4pm. Complete your outdoor filming first, then get some stunning sunset filming, and finally move indoors and get some indoors filmings while it’s dark outside.

Below is what we got for our back-to-school photo shoots:

back-to-school outfits

5.Photo/Video Edit App

You finally complete your first professional shoots and celebrate with your team member in a fancy restaurant. Don’t forget to edit your photo and video before posting to social media. Here are some apps we recommend:

InStories - Instories is the post and story creator for Instagram, which can help anyone who creates content in social networks: bloggers, small businesses It has over 400 animated templates to choose from! 

CapCut - Owned by Bytedance (parent company of Tiktok), CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible videos. It has a trove of stickers, filters and effects,a simple-to-use green screen function, a zooming feature that works like a Ken Burns effect, and many more — which make the app like an accessible Final Cut on the go.

6.Final Thoughts

 We hope that you have some idea how to make your first ambassdor pictures and videos now. CozyDeliver is now recruiting ambassdor to help promote our brands. If you are interested, please contact us via

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